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Integrative Dry Needling- A highly effective form of Physical therapy for the treatment of a multitude of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. It is not appropriate for all conditions or pathologies and the use of the technique will be at the discretion of your physical therapist.

Hand Therapy - Specialized treatment for the restoration of hand function. Treatment may include therapeutic techniques, functional retraining, static and/or dynamic splinting. 

Therapeutic Exercise - Treatment for the goal of increasing ROM and strength and may include any or part of the following: isometric, isotonic, and isokinetic rebuilding exercise, active ROM, stability and re-education exercise, release or stretching, closed chain proprioceptive exercise, partial or full weight bearing treadmill, upper and lower body ergometery. 

Manual Therapy- S
killed hand movements and skilled passive movements of joints and soft tissue and are intended to improve tissue extensibility; increase range of motion; induce relaxation; mobilize or manipulate soft tissue and joints; modulate pain; and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation, or restriction. Techniques may include manual lymphatic drainage, manual traction, massage, mobilization/manipulation, and passive range of motion.

Self-Care Spine Program - Treatment program for clients with acute back or neck pain. Consist of 3 sessions only and emphasizes self-care through home exercises and posture/body mechanics training. Frequency is usually 1 time per week, and a safe lift assessment is performed on the third visit. A clinical based hands-on program is also available with goals toward a self-care program. 

Fibromyalgia Protocol - Physical Therapy evaluation and treatment for this pain syndrome is an aggressive progression from therapeutic massage and posture correction exercises to aerobic conditioning. A team approach is preferred, from the referring physician, clearing cardiac status and aggressive pain management. Treatment duration is usually of one month, 2- 3x/wk. 

Work Conditioning - An outcome oriented, individualized treatment program for injured workers. The focus is return to work. Goals should include improvement of cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal functions, patient education, and symptom relief Treatment consists of 2 to 8 hours’ intervention 3-5days/wk for 4 weeks.

Extremity Joint Testing - Isokinetic testing for reliable isolated joint ROM and strength measurements. Jamar grip and pinch dynomometry testing for upper extremity function. 

NCV/EMG - Testing for peripheral entrapment neuropathies. We are now unable to file insurance for this test, please contact our office for pricing.